Atavism Toolbox

Easily mange your Atavism Online server with the server management tool Atavism Toolbox

Atavism Toolbox

Atavism Toolbox is a small neat program to easily manage your Atavism Game/Server.
With this tool you can do on the fly editing while the game is in public testing, no need to open Unity to tweak items, abilities and so on.
This tool also brings Player & Account Management to the table. This allows you to ban accounts on the fly. Or make an account a Game Master.

With the Game Editor, you can edit many of the core settings of the server. Quad tree, logging, enable/disable new account registrations and much more!
Event Scheduler will allow you to schedule events like double EXP weekend.
And as if that wasn’t enough, this tool also have a Auto Installer for the Atavism Server. Yes! We are bringing a One-Click install for Atavism Server on Linux based servers.
This one-click installer will install and setup absolutely everything you need to run Atavism. It will install java, MySQL, Secure MySQL, config auth& It is basically one-click and login and play.And a lot more.


Some of the key features of Atavism Toolbox

Start/Stop/Restart Atavism

Start, stop or restart your Atavism server with a single click of a button. No need to use the CLI to control your server!

Database Tools

Atavism Toolbox comes with a powerful yet simple database tool to help you optimize the database, or you can reset everything if you are experimenting and want to start fresh withour having to reinstall everything!

Advanced Game Editor

Atavism Toolbox comes with a powerful tool to help you tweak some of the server core settings which otherwise would require you to dive deep into the server configuration files.

Server Status

With Atavism Toolbox, you can always check the status of your server. The toolbox will give you a great overview of your current server status.

Server Stats

With Atavism Toolbox you will be presented with current stats about your server and project.

User Account Management

With Atavism Toolbox you finally have a easy to use User Management tool. You can ban/unban a user, you can also make a user GM or Admin. You can also see all the characters of the users.

Ready to take control?

Atavism toolbox costs as little as €3.99/month!

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