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Atavism Toolbox PRO

Atavism Server management software.
Manage your server and world with ease.

What is Atavism Toolbox PRO?

  • Restart Server
  • Restart World Server
  • Restart Auth Server
  • Atavism Server Auto Installer
  • Advanced Game Editor
  • Schedule Events
  • Check Server Status
  • Check Server Stats
  • See Atavism Stats
  • Item Editor
  • Ability Editor
  • Effect Editor
  • Account Management
  • Ingame Message
  • Issue several maintenance commands
  • Player management

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Get Atavism Toolbox PRO today!


Instant activation and download!

Atavism Toolbox is a small neat program to easily manage your Atavism Game/Server.

With this tool you can do on the fly editing while the game is in public testing, no need to open Unity to tweak items, abilities and so on.
This tool also brings Player & Account Management to the table. This allows you to ban accounts on the fly. Or make an account a Game Master.

With the Game Editor, you can edit many of the core settings of the server. Quad tree, logging, enable/disable new account registrations and much more!

Event Scheduler will allow you to schedule events like double EXP weekend.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this tool also have a Auto Installer for the Atavism Server. Yes! We are bringing a One-Click install for Atavism Server on Linux based servers.
This one-click installer will install and setup absolutely everything you need to run Atavism. It will install java, MySQL, Secure MySQL, config auth& It is basically one-click and login and play.

And a lot more.

Atavism Server Stats
Atavism Account Management
Atavism Advanced Editor

Why North Networking?

Deploy your service infrastructure on our fully redundant, high performance cloud platform and benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

High Performance

We operate one of the most advanced Gbit networks in the world, with all of our peers we got whopping 5.27Tbit upstream and extensive DDoS protection.

Stay online with our 99.99% SLA

Our cloud platform offers a 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee with full hardware and network redundancy to keep your services online.

Anti-DDoS Protection

All of our servers are protected by a DDoS shield.
Our DDoS shield is constantly filtering away bad traffic and only letting through good and healthy traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequent questions we receive

In essence, VPS is like a dedicated server, except that you “own” only part of the server’s resources. A VPS is created by taking one massive server and partitioning it into several independent servers. Virtualization layers are then created to ensure each virtual environment appears as a standalone server. Each “virtual” server has the ability to run its own operating system and applications.

How you access your server depends on if you are running Windows or Linux on the server.

If you are running Windows Server OS, you can connect to your server via Remote Desktop program that is pre-installed on your computer.

If you are running Linux (Ubuntu, Centos etc), the easiest way to access your server will be through an SSH Client. We recommend to use Putty.

It depends. A VPS plan is fairly easy to upgrade, and it can all be done from your client area.

If you are running a Dedicated Server, this is a bit more tricky. As a dedicated server is essentially a whole Machine dedicated to you, and to upgrade it, we must change the hardware inside the machine. If you need a more powerful server, we recommend to order a more powerful server and move your things to the new machine.

Yes! Sure you can! What game server, how many players and so on is limited by the VPS plan you chose. Some game servers required more RAM and CPU then other.

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