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Protecting yourself and your data has never been more important! Stay safe and anonymous online without anyone snooping on your activity by using our high speed VPN service.

Monthly Plan


    • Full Price
      €8.95 each month

3 Month Plan


    • Save 22.35%
      €20.85 Quarterly

6 Month Plan


  • Save 38.66%
    €32.94 Semi-Annually

12 Month Plan


  • Save 49.83%
    €53.88 Quarterly



5 Devices


WiFi anywhere






Block tracking
Ads and malware


No logging
No exception


VPN gateways




Openvpn UDP/TCP
KEv2, L2TP/I7Psec, PPTP


Very easy
And comfortable to use


Different Countries


Your Questions, Our Answers


We do not log, so we don’t know how much bandwidth is used, so yes its unlimited.

Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP.

We support all the state of the art protocols: Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/I7Psec, PPTP.

Our software and servers are programmed and setup to combat any potential chance on DNS leaks.

We treat the potential on DNS leaks (A DNS leak refers to a security flaw that allows DNS requests to be revealed to ISP DNS servers, despite the use of a VPN service to attempt to conceal them) very serious and have state of the art measures to prevent this from happening.


Our vpn servers are fully encrypted with the latest protocols.

5 connections

One VPN account can have 5 connections at the same time on any kind of device.


We support both P2P downloads or torrents. You can connect with any server and use them for P2P or torrents.


We do not keep any logs.

  • No connection logs
  • No usage logs
  • No logs at all


You can see the full list of countries available here.

Why get VPS from North Networking?

Deploy your service infrastructure on our fully redundant, high performance cloud platform and benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

Instant, automated provisioning

Our services are instantly provisioned after the order has been paid. No more waiting for the service to be delivered!

Experts are standing by, at any time

Our dedicated in-house support team is available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products. We are available on Live Chat as well as through our ticket system.

Enterprise-grade Hardware

We are running our service infrastructure on our fully redundant, high performance cloud platform and benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

DDoS Mitigation

All of our servers are protected by a DDoS shield. Our DDoS shield is constantly filtering away bad traffic and only letting through good and healthy traffic.

Easy to use Control Panels

We have easy to use control panels to manage all of our services. Weather it be for a web hosting account or a VPS account, we have control panels to enable you to easily manage your services!

Enterprise Network

We operate one of the most advanced Gbit network in the world, with all of our peers we got whopping 8.27Tbit upstream and extensive DDoS protection.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

World of Forestia
World of Forestia
Verified review
I use a web pack and a vps at north networking. Excellent service and extremely fast support!
Hernán Valdez
Hernán Valdez
Verified review
Excellent service, i recommended this to all my friends because the CS is very friendly with any inquiry.
Marianela Mori Yamunaque
Marianela Mori Yamunaque
Verified review
Really excellent customer service plus friendly!
Verified review
Top Service, budget-friendly with outstanding support. Highly recommended. Suitable for everyone in need for VPS or dedicated Servers, if you are an advanced User or a Tech-Novice, hosting your websites or gameservers...
Verified review
Have used their VPS service for a while now and don't have a single bad thing to say 🙂 Uptime and stability has been fantastic and the few times I've had to get in touch with their support they've been super quick to reply and very helpful, including the one issue that was completely my fault, they still helped me diagnose and resolve the issue! Will be looking in to renting a dedicated server from them as I've had nothing but good experiences with them
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones
Verified review
I really love north networking. I have had a great experience with them. Their servers are great and I have not had any issues that the support was unable to fix. Thank you north networking 🙂
Verified review
I had some problems with setting everything up at first + some problems completely not related to the actual server - all caused by my lack of knowledge in the spectrum. I'm a total beginner when it comes to things like these. For some background, I use NN to host my game, as well as updater and game files. Support not only took care of all my issues in a matter of minutes, but they also spent their precious time on helping me out with things that they really had no obligation to. That's going above and beyond for what little I pay for the server each month. Ever since, I recommended North Networking to a lot of my friends (ones who actually work with servers on a regular basis). I know for sure a few got it and are as happy as I am, mostly praising the stability and speed compared to a few more popular hosts I'm not sure I can name in a review. All in all, I highly recommend it!
Verified review
I got in contact with 1 of the owners of this service on a different Discord channel. He was very willing to help me eventhough I was just using a free service they provide. He really took the time to aid me and in the end we got everything working flawless. The service provided back than convinced me to move my old server to NorthNetworking. The support is great and quick and since I moved I have had 0 problems. The server is way better then what I had before with extra's and a simular pricing. I'm highly recommanding NorthNerworking to anyone that's hosting a website or gameserver!
Will Braun
Will Braun
Verified review
So far North Networking has been the perfect hosting service for my mmorpg. Cheap, easy to set up, and super user friendly when it comes to day to day stuff. Perfect service!
Wayne Stephens
Wayne Stephens
Verified review
I was looking for an affordable place to host a game server as well as another server. Helix was a tremendous help and made this a very easy and painless process. I would definitely recommend this as a great solution for those needing this type of service.